I'm a Jesus freak who loves her family, friends, music and photography. Timothy 4:12. Shine a light on slavery & let the future begin. (My URL used to be youlooksomuchbetterwhenyousmile!). If the world hates me then cool. My role model was hated, tortured, mocked, and killed by the world, and he still chose to give it all for me.

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i cried about the eggs

we all cried about the eggs

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This is honestly my favorite Thor moment. He has no idea what that thing is, where he is, what’s going on, but he’s eating pancakes, and the chick with the taser is pointing another electrical thing at him and there are faces on books, but he’s eating pancakes, and yea he’s knows he’s sexy, so yea, he’ll smile.

#Thor doesn’t get enough love #he’s like this huge handsome teddy bear with long lucious locks of golden hair #and he’s sweet and courteous and would tell you bedtime stories about the nine realms

he doesnt even know what a camera is guys, he just smiles on command

I kind of love asgardians. Most people would be kind of miffed that someone hit them with a car twice and tasered them. He’s just like “SHE HAS BESTED ME IN COMBAT! LET US FEAST TOGETHER!” and I can really get behind that.

this post made me smile like thor in the second gif

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how do you get a boyfriend when you don’t leave your room

#have you seen Tangled

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"Listen to the battered hearts; for they have survived to tell the tales of love."

- T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)

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Foster Huntington

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got me feelin eMoTi0nZ